Team roles and responsability#

Each team is free to organise itself but we recommend to consider the following roles and responsability to ensure a fruitful and fun reproducibility challenge experience:

  1. Technical lead: early on (as soon as possible) agree within your team on who will take the technical lead role. She/he/they creates the GitHub repository for the team (following the given instructions) and ensure each team member is aware on the task they need to perform. The team lead has usually some good experience with version control and GitHub, including reviewing and merging pull requests;

  2. Team presenter: The team presenter is expected to gather information from the technical lead and all team members on the progress and potential issues, and create presentations to show the progress during the checkpoints.

  3. Data Manager: The Data manager is leading the management of data for reproducing the paper. He/she/they should organize the data storage and be aware of where to upload the data needed for reproducing the paper. At the end of the Reproducibility Challenge, data needed for reproducing the paper will be archived (deposited in Zenodo). Detailed information is provided in the section Workflow for a Notebook Project.

You may define additional technical roles for instance to design the interactive plots, writing narrative in the Jupyter notebook, etc.