To encourage participation and high-quality submissions in the CI2023 reproducibility challenge, we offer the following incentives to participants:

  • Recognition and visibility: Participants will be recognized for their contributions to the challenge through awards (winning team)and certificates (for all teams and reviewers).

  • Access to data and resources: Participants will have access to data, software and computing resources to facilitate the reproduction process and reduce barriers to participation.

  • Professional development: Participants will take clinic sessions after teams formation to onboarding in the relevant technologies for the challenge. These sessions also aims to build participants skills and knowledge in open science and reproducibility, which can be valuable for their future careers.

  • Networking opportunities: Participants will have talk with the experts sessions where they can interact experts in a broad of fields related to the intersection of Informatics and Climate sciences.

  • Prizes: Each member of the winning team will receive a free book of their choosing (up to £500 in value split across the winning team) published by Cambridge University Press. Note that all participants who complete the challenge will have authorship on a citeable, DOI-tagged notebook within the Environmental Data Science (EDS) Book for listing on their CV.